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Born in New York, but raised in South Florida, Caroline Monge has spent many years perfecting the craft of hair and makeup. As a young girl who would repaint her barbie dolls and spend hours in the bathroom destroying her mothers makeup, there is no doubt that she would one day come to fully immerse herself in the world of makeup artistry. Her high school years as a performer cemented the idea that makeup and hair was something that she fully enjoyed doing. She began designing unique looks for her team. With much success, she continues designing makeup looks for performance teams in South Florida. Full of curiosity, she is always learning and growing as an artist. Her inspiration comes from the ability to have an open mind about all forms of art. From the drag queens of Ft. Lauderdale to the landscapes in California, color and expression are the root of her fascination with makeup and hair.

In 2022, Caroline won the Makeup Artist and Hairstylists Guild Award for
 "Best Contemporary Makeup" for her work in Coming 2 America.  A licensed Cosmetologist and member of the I.A.T.S.E. Local 798 Makeup Artists Union with many satisfied clients under her brush belt, Caroline strives to continue raising the bar, and is looking forward to continuing her long career in makeup and hair. 

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